TOP 10 Best Electric Toothbrushes For Kids 2021 Review – (Buyer Guide)

The 10 Best Electric Toothbrushes for Kids of 2021

(For Cleaner And Healthier Teeth)


How to take care of your little ones’ oral hygiene with an electric toothbrush for kids!


TOP 10 Best Electric Toothbrushes For Kids 2021 Review

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Did you know that from an early age, oral hygiene is essential for healthy teeth and gums? From the first baby teeth to mixed dentition – all the way up to the eruption of all permanent teeth – you can improve children’s and teens’ dental cleanliness by using an electric toothbrush made just for them. Following our guide to the 12 best toothbrushes for adults, here’s another guide for little ones, so you can choose the best electric toothbrush for kids and give your pup a fun and effective way to take care of their teeth.


Dentistry Experts
Dentistry Experts Many dental and dentistry experts recommend electric toothbrushes for children as young as 3 years old. Obviously, we're talking about electric toothbrushes with features that are quite different from those that distinguish electric toothbrushes for teens and adults


health demo care guide to the top 10 electric toothbrushes for kids gives you a clear, detailed look at the most popular models among consumers. You’ll also be able to easily identify the 6 award-winning kids’ electric toothbrush models; the very best you can buy online! The remaining 4 toothbrushes in our selection are your best bet, just in case you’re not completely satisfied with our TOP 6.


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What are the features of the best electric toothbrush for kids?


There are many different types of electric toothbrushes for kids on the market, including bright colors, attractive designs, and smart features. But are they all good products? Unfortunately, they are not; there are also many children’s electric toothbrush models on the market that feature poor materials, inappropriate design, and outdated or ineffective technology.


To enable you to make a safe and targeted purchase, we have selected the following 10 best electric toothbrushes for kids taking into account the following features:


Following Features:


Brand Reliability
Ergonomic design for toddlers
Durable and safe materials
Technology and brush head movement
Online Popularity



1. Effectiveness

As delicate as it is, a children’s electric toothbrush must demonstrate a higher level of effectiveness than a regular manual toothbrush. This is because the movement offered by the electric version facilitates daily hygiene for young children. That’s why we’ve discarded all ineffective models from our list of the top 10 electric toothbrushes for kids because they don’t vibrate enough.


2. Brand Reliability

The brands on which we focused our research are primarily industry-leading oral care brands. Oral-B, Braun, and Philips use the most innovative and safe technologies to make electric toothbrushes for all age groups. However, we also wanted to include some alternative emerging brands, as they have already been tested and rated positively by a growing multitude of users.


3. Ergonomic design for toddlers

Children as young as three years of age can become familiar with electric toothbrushes, as long as they’re made with a child-friendly design.


4. Durable and safe materials

An electric toothbrush is a device specifically made to ensure maximum oral hygiene in complete safety, which is why they should be made from durable, safe materials that are free of potentially harmful substances.


5. Technology and brush head movement

Children who are still teething have different needs than those who have reached permanent teeth. That’s why it’s critical to choose the right technology for your child’s age.


6. Online Popularity

Some children’s electric toothbrushes have achieved a higher level of popularity than others. These are characterized by a high number of positive reviews. Obviously, we at MyBeautik only take into account verified customer reviews that are spontaneously released.


Here are the 10 best electric toothbrushes for kids 2021


Here we are at last with our ranking of the 10 best electric toothbrushes for kids, through which you can find out all the details of the TOP 6 electric toothbrushes for kids and the remaining 4 recommended alternative models.


Before you make your purchase we would like to remind you that the order of presentation of our selection is completely random; in fact, all of the following products are recommended equally.


Oral-B Kids line of electric toothbrushes 2021

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The Best Oral-B Kids line of electric toothbrushes is undoubtedly one of the most popular and popular on the market. With a compact, eye-catching design – each model comes with four Pixar/Walt Disney stickers on the handle – Oral-B Kids 3+ is designed specifically for kids just starting to take care of their oral health.


Featuring an extra-small brush head with extra-soft bristles, Oral-B Kids cleans teeth while respecting enamel and gums. One of the highlights of this children’s electric toothbrush is the built-in timer that allows your child to brush for at least 2 minutes (recommended by dentists).


Since this device is tailor-made for little ones, of course, there is also a playful side, perfectly represented by the fun Disney Magic Timer App. Downloadable free of charge on Apple Store and Google Play, this application encourages children to brush their teeth for the time indicated by the timer. By doing so, they will be able to get lots of virtual stickers of their favorite characters.


Equipped with a practical charger and travel case, Oral-B Kids offers 8 days of autonomy.


Important features:

Why we like this product:
  • Offers an attractive and cheerful design
  • Lets little ones take care of their oral health while having fun
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Can be customized with 4 different stickers

Important features:
  • With built-in timer for 2 minutes of brushing time
  • Comes with a charger and travel case
  • With free downloadable Disney Magic Timer App
  • Offers 8 days of autonomy


Oral-B Junior Smart 6+



Dedicated entirely to children ages 6 and up, this electric toothbrush from Oral-B offers all the power of smart technology to improve your child’s brushing technique.


best Oral-B Junior Smart 6+
best Oral-B Junior Smart 6+
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The Oral-B Junior Smart 6+ Electric Toothbrush


The Oral-B Junior Smart 6+ Electric Toothbrush has just what you need to give your child a gentle, yet effective oral care routine. Its rotating brush head with ultra-fine soft bristles cleans teeth and gums with precision, while the handy pressure sensor prevents your child from brushing too hard, saving gum health.


The built-in timer, on the other hand, allows children to precisely follow the proper brushing time recommended by dentists (2 minutes), thus avoiding superficial tooth cleaning.


Of course, in addition to the functional aspect, Oral-B has added a playful aspect. With the Oral-B FunZone app, children can improve their brushing habits.

Parents can easily track their daily oral hygiene progress with real-time feedback. Oral-B Junior also lets kids unlock fun photo filters of cute and cuddly animals to keep them entertained while they brush properly.


Important Features:

Why we like this product:
  • Rotating brush head offers effective brushing but also gentle on gums
  • The small size and cheerful design make it perfect for younger kids
  • The built-in timer lets you brush for as long as you need to
  • Pressure sensor saves gums from over-brushing by automatically reducing speed
Important Features:
  • Features App that entertains and teaches how to brush teeth the right way
  • With rechargeable battery (2 weeks of battery life)
  • With ultra-fine bristle rotating head


Philips Sonicare HX6322/04 For Kids


All the effectiveness of sonic technology now also for the oral hygiene of children!


Philips Sonicare HX632204 For Kids
Philips Sonicare HX632204 For Kids
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The Philips Sonicare HX6322/04 For Kids sonic toothbrush – with a simple, colorful design – offers all the efficiency of sonic technology for optimal home oral care, even for kids. Using sonic power, the ultra-soft bristles of this children’s electric toothbrush make 31,000 movements per minute. Using a mixture of toothpaste and saliva, this power generates tiny bubbles that clean hard-to-reach spaces between teeth and gums.


Suitable for ages 3 and up, the Philips Sonicare HX6322/04 For Kids sonic toothbrush is designed to last. In fact, it not only offers 2 brushing modes – suitable for younger children as well as those ages 7 and up – but also 2 different sized brush heads to help your child grow.


With the KidTimer feature, this sonic toothbrush for kids gradually builds up to the dentist-recommended 2-minute brushing time over 90 days. In addition, thanks to the app that connects this sonic toothbrush to a smartphone or tablet, your child can have fun while brushing through fun reward games that encourage them to brush their teeth longer.

With a charger, Bluetooth, 7 stickers, and an ergonomically designed non-slip handle, this sonic toothbrush for kids is an ideal choice for anyone looking to purchase an efficient, safe, and durable device.


Key Features:

Why we like this product:
  • Offers sonic technology that’s effective against plaque and gentle on gums
  • Allows your child to improve their brushing technique with the fun Bluetooth-enabled app
  • Ideal for children ages 3 and up
  • Has 2 cleaning programs
Key Features:
  • Features 2 different size toothbrushes
  • With lithium battery and charger
  • Offers 2 weeks of battery life
  • Equipped with timer and gum-saving pressure sensor


FairyWill For Kids


This ultrasonic toothbrush, already awarded in Germany as the best toothbrush, offers impeccable oral hygiene!


FairyWill For Kids 2021
FairyWill For Kids 2021


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FairyWill is the alternative brand that offers plaque control at an unbeatable price

Have you always thought of sonic toothbrushes for kids as overpriced devices? FairyWill will change your mind. This compact and functional sonic toothbrush designed for kids ages 6 and up offers everything you could want for complete oral hygiene. With 38,000 vibrations per minute, FairyWill For Kids bristles harness sonic power to clean interdental spaces with extreme efficiency.

With this sonic toothbrush from FairyWill, children’s gums are safe, as its technology does not feature traditional mechanical action. With 3 cleaning modes – Low, High, and Massage – your child will enjoy targeted hygiene adapted to their sensitivity. Comes with 2 brush heads, 1 rechargeable battery with 21 days of battery life, and 1 convenient and fun cover/case – personalized with funny rabbit ears – this sonic toothbrush for kids features 1 USB charging cable compatible with phone, PC, laptop, and car, ideal to take on the go!

Of course, we couldn’t miss the smart timer, which automatically shuts off the toothbrush after 2 minutes of brushing (the timer includes intervals every 30 seconds, to allow your child to move on to the next dental semi-arc). Waterproof and non-slip, FairyWill For Kids uses only heads with soft Dupont nylon bristles.


Important features:

What we like about this product:
  • Offers 3 cleaning modes
  • Offers non-aggressive oral hygiene thanks to sonic technology
  • Is perfect to take on the go
  • Has an especially economical cost

Important features:
  • Equipped with smart timer
  • Rechargeable via USB cable
  • With an autonomy of 21 days
  • Equipped with 2 spare heads
  • Waterproof


Oral-B Sensi Ultrathin Toothbrush Heads Pack of 4






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The ideal electric toothbrush for kids with extra sensitive teeth and gums.


Excessive tooth sensitivity can occur at any age, so children with hypersensitive teeth will enjoy optimal daily oral care with the Oral-B Junior Sensi Ultrathin Electric Toothbrush. With its small, super-soft bristle head, this electric toothbrush for kids ages 6 and up features the popular 3D technology, featuring a twisting, oscillating and pulsating motion.

The Oral-B Junior Sensi Ultrathin eliminates more plaque than a manual toothbrush and reduces cavities and tartar. In addition to 3D technology, the Oral-B Junior Sensi Ultrathin also features a smart timer, which teaches children to brush within the time recommended by dentists (2 minutes). By alerting them every 30 seconds with a soft beep, kids easily understand when to move on to the next half-arc.

Available in a variety of bright colors, this Oral-B electric toothbrush for children with sensitive teeth features a rechargeable battery that lasts approximately 10 days. With a user-friendly design and an affordable price tag, the Oral-B Junior Sensi Ultrathin is a true bestseller, making it one of the best-selling electric toothbrushes for kids on Amazon.


Key features:

Why we like this product:
  • Ensures maximum oral hygiene while fully respecting teeth and gums
  • Ultra-fine bristles gently massage gums
  • 3D technology removes more plaque than a regular toothbrush
  • Compatible with all Oral-B replacement brush heads

Key features:
  • Features rotating, oscillating and pulsating motion
  • With 2-minute smart timer
  • With charger and built-in battery (10-day battery life)
  • Intuitive design


Oral-B SmartSeries Teen


All the power of Oral-B electric toothbrushes for teenagers’ deep cleaning.

Oral-B SmartSeries Teen 2021

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Teens are not always careful and meticulous about oral hygiene, but they’ll find an irreplaceable ally in the Oral-B SmartSeries Teen electric toothbrush; designed specifically to clean teeth effectively while respecting gums. With its young and attractive look, this electric toothbrush for teens by Oral-B features 2 Ultrathin replacement brush heads and 3 cleaning programs: daily, sensitive teeth, and whitening.


One of the strong points of this electric toothbrush is Bluetooth, which allows our teens to improve their brushing technique by connecting their toothbrushes to their smartphones, through which they can receive real-time feedback. To eliminate plaque even more effectively – but without irritating the gums – the Oral-B SmartSeries Teen offers all the precision of the pressure sensor, with an indicator light that comes on whenever excessive vigorous brushing is performed.


The smart timer – set for 2 minutes of brushing – emits an audible alert every 30 seconds, so you know immediately when it’s time to change areas. Easy to use but also functional and full of options, this electric toothbrush from Oral-B is also the right choice for those teenagers who want to take advantage of a whitening action while fully respecting dental enamel.


Important features:

Why we like this product:
  • It offers 3 cleaning programs
  • Features Bluetooth to connect your toothbrush to your smartphone and receive real-time feedback to improve your brushing technique
  • Removes more plaque than regular toothbrushes
  • Offers a young, intuitive design
  • Offers a whitening program

Important features:
  • Equipped with gum-saving pressure sensor
  • With smart timer
  • Comes with 2 brush heads
  • With battery and charger
  • Available in black and white


For Kids Sonic electric toothbrush HX6311/07 | Sonicare


Philips Sonicare For Kids is an electric power toothbrush for kids aged 7 and older. It offers maximum plaque removal, sonic technology, customizable stickers


For Kids Sonic electric toothbrush HX631107 Sonicare 2021

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Suitable for ages 4 and up, Philips Sonicare for Kids offers all the gentleness and precision of sonic technology. Without determining any mechanical actions, this sonic toothbrush for kids removes plaque from even the most hidden spots with a gentle yet effective bristle vibration consisting of 31,000 movements per minute.


With the KidTimer, Philips Sonicare for Kids HX6311 helps your child gradually lengthen (over 90 days) their brushing time, until they reach the infamous 2-minute brushing time set by dentists. Plus, with 2 cleaning programs – gentle (for ages 4-6) and more intense (for ages 7 and up), this sonic toothbrush offers age-appropriate, customizable hygiene.


The package of this sonic toothbrush for kids contains 1 Sonicare ForKids handle, 1 standard brush head, 1 charger, 8 stickers for customization plus 2 bonus stickers. But what really makes this oral care device for youngsters special is the Philips Sonicare Brush Busters app, which is not only fun but also educational. In fact, under the guidance of the cute characters Bjorn the Viking and Vicky the Vampiress, children will learn how to brush their teeth properly through laugh-out-loud tutorials.


Moreover, through this fun and educational free App, children will have the opportunity to receive special prizes, while parents will be able to check the progress achieved by their little ones in performing thorough oral hygiene.


Important Features:

Why we like this product:
  • Provides effective yet gentle oral cleaning
  • Allows your child to improve their brushing technique while having fun
  • Features a smart timer
  • Allows parents to monitor their child’s oral hygiene

Important Features:
  • With 2 cleaning programs
  • Equipped with a long-lasting battery
  • With 8 stickers to customize the handle of the toothbrush
  • Suitable for children ages 4 and up
  • Also suitable for braces wearers


Electric toothbrush for babies and kids – Sonic Clean & Care 2021


Electric toothbrush for babies and kids - Sonic Clean & Care 2021

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For parents who want to offer their little one impeccable oral hygiene, even at a few months of age, there is the Nuvita sonic toothbrush, approved by the Italian Dental Association.


This sonic toothbrush is made by Nuvita for children from 3 months to 5 years of age. Quiet and comfortable, it uses super soft Dupont nylon bristles, offering maximum gentleness for the oral hygiene of the little ones. With its 3 different sized brush heads and 3 speeds available, the Nuvita sonic toothbrush cleanses gums and first teeth with extreme care.


In addition, thanks to the integrated 2-minute timer, the Nuvita sonic toothbrush shows parents the time recommended by dentists for optimal oral hygiene. Gradually, even your child will get into the habit of brushing their teeth while respecting the timer!


Powered by a simple AA alkaline battery (not included), the Nuvita toothbrush uses very little energy, in fact, it offers amazing autonomy.


Already the winner of the Best Innovative Baby Care Product 2020 award and guaranteed for 24 months, Nuvita offers safe materials and ergonomic design suitable for even the youngest children. Parents can start using Nuvita to clean their baby’s oral cavity from as early as 3 months of age by selecting the most suitable brush head and cleaning program. As the child grows, you can continue to change the type of brush head and cleaning program, until the child reaches 5 years of age.


Important features:

Why we like this product:
  • Allows parents to take care of their youngest children’s oral hygiene safely
  • Offers a practical and functional design
  • Accustoms children to good oral hygiene from an early age

Important features:
  • Equipped with 3 heads with different sizes
  • With 3 cleaning programs
  • Equipped with timer, audible alarm, and indicator light
  • Guaranteed 24 months


Oral-B Pro 700 Family: Family-Friendly Oral Care 2021


Here’s the right solution for families looking to make the switch to an electric toothbrush without spending too much.


Oral-B Pro 700 Family Family Friendly Oral Care 2021

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Buying an electric toothbrush for the whole family can be an expense that isn’t always sustainable. Fortunately, there are convenient and affordable solutions like this one from Oral-B, which offers a Pro 700 Family version that allows a family of adults and children to enjoy optimal oral hygiene while saving money.


Inside the package, you’ll find 1 adult electric toothbrush with a CrossAction brush head, 1 Oral-B Stages Power children’s electric toothbrush with a rotating-oscillating brush head and 1 charger (the charger is compatible with both models).


The adult model, which can be used by children ages 7 and up, features the popular 3D technology to remove plaque and restore blood flow to gums. Equipped with a professional timer – which allows you to brush for 2 minutes – and a battery indicator light, the Oral-B Pro 700 toothbrush provides optimal oral care that respects your teeth and gums.


And for the little ones? Oral-B offers the Stages Power electric toothbrush with a colorful design featuring beloved Walt Disney characters. This toothbrush for kids ages 4 and up features a musical timer that plays music to help kids stay on track with their brushing schedule. By purchasing additional replacement brush heads, this handy Oral-B electric toothbrush set can be shared by the entire family. This will allow for significant savings on the final price. (To distinguish the brush heads, simply use the special colored rings).


Key Features:

Why we like this product:
  • Allows kids and adults to achieve more thorough oral hygiene
  • Both toothbrushes come with timers
  • The adult toothbrush features 3D technology
  • Children’s toothbrush plays cute songs that encourage kids to brush their teeth

Key Features:
  • Features 1 CrossAction head and 1 small rotating-oscillating head
  • With single loader
  • With the funny app to encourage children to improve oral hygiene


Oral-B Stages Power 3+: A super affordable electric toothbrush for kids 2021


OralB Stages Power 3 A super affordable electric toothbrush for kids 2021

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Parents who want to offer their little ones the efficiency of an electric toothbrush, while saving on price and quality (the Oral-B Braun brand is a guarantee) can opt for the Oral-B Stages Power 3+; compact, personalized with Disney’s most beloved cartoon characters and featuring an extra soft rotating head.


The simplified operation of this electric toothbrush with 2D technology allows even the youngest teeth and gums to be brushed properly. Powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries (included), this colorful and convenient electric toothbrush – available for both boys and girls – features a built-in 2-minute timer that helps children become familiar with the brushing times recommended by dentists.


With its non-slip handle and kid-proof design, the Oral-B Stages Power 3+ toothbrush provides gentle yet effective oral hygiene, thanks to its rotating-oscillating brush head capable of approximately 7,600 movements per minute.


Important features:

Why we like this product:
  • It features an extremely economical price point
  • Features an attractive design that encourages little ones to brush their teeth
  • Offers simple and immediate operation

Important features:
  • Equipped with 2D technology
  • With 1 ultra-soft brush head
  • Powered by 2 alkaline batteries included in the package
  • With integrated 2-minute timer


Should children switch from a manual to an electric toothbrush?


Should children switch from a manual to an electric toothbrush 2021

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We all know the convenience and affordability of manual toothbrushes, but why should a child switch to an electric toothbrush? Numerous studies comparing manual toothbrushes to electric toothbrushes have shown that electric toothbrushes are more effective at removing plaque than manual toothbrushes.


Children are still developing their motor skills, which is why oral hygiene with a manual toothbrush often leaves something to be desired. Teeth that aren’t cleaned properly tend to develop tartar and cavities. An electric toothbrush makes brushing easier for your child, not only by allowing them to make the right movement with ease but also by allowing them to brush at the right time, thanks to smart timers with fun melodies that encourage them to brush without a fuss.


In addition, today’s most modern electric toothbrushes are equipped with Bluetooth and educational apps including cartoon characters, prizes to collect, and lots of useful tips. These allow parents to track their child’s progress in oral hygiene and, if necessary, correct any mistakes.


What are the features of a children’s electric toothbrush?

A children’s electric toothbrush must have specific features to ensure not only effective cleaning but also gentleness. Here’s what they are and why they are considered essential.


  • Small size: A children’s electric toothbrush should be small enough to be easy for little hands to handle and to reach deep into the mouth.


  • Extra-soft bristles: The cleaning head of a children’s electric toothbrush should always feature extra-soft bristles. This will prevent gums from becoming irritated, even if excessive pressure is applied during brushing.


  • Professional timer: This is a particularly useful feature, as it allows parents and children to brush for at least 2 minutes, the time recommended by dentists. In addition, some smart timers have an audible alarm (in the case of children’s electric toothbrushes, this is often a fun tune) that goes off every 30 seconds to indicate when it’s time to move on to the next semi-arcade.


  • Ergonomic and intuitive design: Obviously, the handle of a children’s electric toothbrush should have an ergonomic shape and a non-slip surface. In addition, this oral hygiene device must offer simple and intuitive operations. The child will be able to familiarize himself with it without encountering any difficulties.


  • It’s best if it’s colorful and customizable – the eye is good too! Children tend to clean their teeth without much fuss when they can choose a cheerful, colorful toothbrush that can be personalized with stickers of their favorite characters.


5 things to consider when choosing a good electric toothbrush for kids


5 things to consider when choosing a good electric toothbrush for kids

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1. Brand Name

Obviously, we recommend children’s electric toothbrushes from the most popular brands, such as Oral-B, Braun, and Philips, because they provide the best results and offer the most guarantees. That said, we don’t mean to demonize emerging brands! Through our 10 Best Electric Toothbrushes for Kids Buyer’s Guide, you’ll find some alternative brands – like FairyWell and Nuvita – that have already won high praise from consumers.


2. Age of Child

Children’s electric toothbrushes should always be chosen according to the age of the child. There are several models on the market that are designed for children as young as 3 years old (with the 3+ symbol on the package), and others that can be used from 6 years old (6+). Cleaning with a toothbrush for children as young as 3 years old is even gentler than cleaning with a toothbrush for older children. Teens, on the other hand, can use electric toothbrushes designed specifically for them, with a few more options; such as a whitening program.


3. Technology Supported

Oral hygiene for children as young as 3 years old is simply a matter of gently removing food debris from baby teeth and gums. Electric toothbrushes with 2D or sonic technology will work well for this purpose, as long as the vibration frequency is set at a minimum speed. For older children and teens, consider 3D technology with rotating, oscillating and pulsating motion.


4. Power

Rechargeable battery or simple alkaline batteries? While almost all adult electric toothbrushes come with rechargeable batteries, electric toothbrushes made for kids may also feature alkaline battery power. The latter are often priced very economically. Models with built-in rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, are the most popular, as they offer autonomy and maximum convenience of use. Moreover, although they cost a bit more, they are more convenient over time, because they do not require the additional purchase of batteries.


5. Accessories

Replacement toothbrush heads are the most desirable of the children’s electric toothbrush accessories. Best of all, if they come in different sizes, children’s electric toothbrush cleaning heads should be especially small and have extra-soft bristles. Another must-have accessory is the smart timer; this helps parents and children set up toothbrushing according to dentists’ guidelines.


What accessories should children use for optimal dental care?


What accessories should children use for optimal dental care


A child’s oral hygiene, just like an adult’s, consists of several steps. These obviously change according to age. During the first months, the gums of the baby can be simply cleaned with a sterile gauze soaked in water (better if lukewarm or at room temperature). This simple gesture will be enough to keep the oral cavity of the newborn clean and healthy. Only after the first teeth have emerged will it be necessary to introduce the toothbrush. The toothbrush can be manual or electric (from 3 years of age).


What about toothpaste
What about toothpaste? When to use it? And which one should I choose? Toothpaste for children can be introduced after the age of 6 months. Initially, it will be enough to "dirty" the bristles of the toothbrush, while from 6 years of age onwards, the quantity can be increased ("half a pea" from 6 years of age and "1 whole pea" from 12 years of age onwards).


Obviously, the toothpaste must be specific to each age, in fact, the amount of fluoride present in “adult” toothpaste is 1,450 ppm (part per million), while that for children is just 1,000 ppm.


What about dental floss?

This indispensable and inexpensive dental aid should be used when your child’s interdental space begins to narrow. Parents can gently floss between their child’s teeth at least once a day. After age 6, the child can begin using it independently.

Children and adolescents who wear braces have more difficulty cleaning their teeth. For this reason, it is recommended to use the dental cleaner, which is able to reach and clean with extreme precision even the most hidden parts of the oral cavity. If you would like to know more about the topic of “children and oral hygiene”, do not miss our in-depth analysis.


FAQ about Electric Toothbrushes for Kids 2021


FAQ about Electric Toothbrushes for Kids 2021


At what age can children start using an electric toothbrush?
Dentists recommend electric toothbrushes for ages 3 and up. However, electric toothbrushes made specifically for children under 2 years of age are now available for purchase.


How often should I change the brush head on my children's electric toothbrush?
Just like an adult toothbrush, the brush head of a children’s electric toothbrush should be replaced every 3 months, or whenever the bristles appear discolored and worn.


Can children with sensitive teeth use an electric toothbrush?
Yes, even children with sensitive teeth can enjoy the cleaning power of an electric toothbrush without any unwanted effects. Just choose a model with extra-soft bristles and gentle technology.


How often should I change the brush head on my children's electric toothbrush?
Just like an adult toothbrush, the brush head of a children’s electric toothbrush should be replaced every 3 months, or whenever the bristles appear discolored and worn.



How many times a day should a child's electric toothbrush be used?
Oral hygiene for younger children should also be done twice a day; in the morning and at night, before bedtime. In fact, the sugars contained in milk can also carve baby teeth.


Do dentists recommend an electric toothbrush for children?
Yes, dentists recommend the use of an electric toothbrush from the age of 3 years. This is because children can remove more plaque with it than when using the manual version.


Can children with braces use an electric toothbrush?
Yes, even children and teens with braces can safely brush with an electric toothbrush! Some models have extra-soft bristle heads that clean the spaces between teeth and braces perfectly. 


Sonic or oscillating technology?
These 2 technologies are both good and widely recommended by dentists. Often, a sonic toothbrush is recommended for sensitive gums, while a 3D technology toothbrush (rotating, oscillating, and pulsating) is infallible in removing plaque.



Who said babies don’t love brushing their teeth? Just replace the boring manual toothbrush with a state-of-the-art electric toothbrush! Interactive, smart, and customizable, electric toothbrushes for kids offer an unprecedented level of oral hygiene (as well as a playful side that makes brushing fun and enjoyable).


What about toothpaste
But are electric toothbrushes really recommended by dentists? Results from clinical research have shown that electric toothbrushes are superior at removing plaque compared to manual toothbrushes, even when introduced to children's oral care.


Electric toothbrushes not only allow young children to brush properly – removing more plaque with innovative technologies such as 2D, 3D, and sonic – but also help them get used to brushing no matter where they are in the dental arch, thanks to 2-minute timers with 30-second intervals for each half arch.


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