5 Reasons Dental Care for Regular Teeth Why You Should Use a Dental Cleaner

Dental Cleaning: 5 Reasons Dental Care for Regular Teeth

One of the fundamental accessories for do-it-yourself Dental Care for Regular Teeth 2021. Find out how much it can do for your oral hygiene!

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Dental Cleaner 2021 (1)

Not everyone is familiar with it, as it is a recently created electrical device, but it is certainly destined to increase its popularity in the coming years.

The dental cleaner has the power to protect you from the risk of infections and tooth cavities, thanks to its dual function: eliminating food residues and lowering the bacterial load inside the oral cavity. In this regard, you can also use it in combination with mouthwash, pouring a few drops of it inside the mouthwash tank.

It is precisely because it is not yet known as it should be, it is worth describing its most important functions in order to better understand the possible benefits of its use. Below, we will list all the good reasons to integrate it into your daily oral cleaning habits. If you want to find out more about these products, you can also check out our guide that lists the  HERE  7 Best Teeth, Whitening Kit.

No need to say that the health of your teeth and gums depends mostly on proper oral hygiene and regular checkups at your trusted dentist. However, if you’ve decided to take better and more thorough care of your teeth, you should definitely consider buying a quality water pump.

What is a dental water cleaner and what is it used for?

The water pump, also known as a water jet or irrigator, is a device designed specifically for dental cleaning, suitable for all types of users: children, adults, and people who wear braces, bridges, crowns, and dentures, can take advantage of a wide range of functions.

Hydropulsors are characterized by the presence of a small pump capable of pushing water from the reservoir to the nozzle, delivering it through a directed nozzle. Essentially, this is a cannula that pushes water or mouthwash with varying power to areas of the mouth that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

But isn’t the toothbrush enough?

Generally speaking, a toothbrush’s bristles (whether a traditional toothbrush or a new generation electric toothbrush) or dental floss can’t remove stubborn food debris from the hard-to-reach areas of the dental arch. On the contrary, a water pump, thanks to its usability and the possibility of directing the jet, is able to give a deep sensation of cleanliness and freshness. Dental water jets are accessories that cannot replace the toothbrush in any way but are absolutely necessary for a more thorough and precise cleaning. Consequently, it is highly recommended to integrate them with the normal cleaning of the teeth; as mentioned above, the water cleaner is especially suitable for those who wear dentures and have problems with the use of dental floss.

In order to use it in the most correct way possible, it is worth asking your dentist and/or dental hygienist for advice and explanations based on your personal needs. In fact, everyone should set the flosser to the mode that suits them best, without further endangering the health of their oral cavity.

Why and why you should use a power cleaner?

Let’s now take a look at the top 5 benefits that a pressure washer can provide.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Dental Cleaner NEW (1)

1. The water cleaner works in depth

The first good reason why it is useful to use a water pump is to clean the interdental spaces that are more difficult to reach, as well as the gum line. It is here, in fact, that bacterial plaque tends to accumulate and solidify, gradually turning into tartar. Plaque on the gum line and in hidden spaces is toothbrush-proof and, in the case of braces or dentures that make brushing more difficult, floss-proof. It’s likely that you don’t notice when you brush your teeth, yet these spaces remain “dirty” for a long time unless you’re used to regular professional hygiene sessions.

If you don’t take any of these precautions, you’re bound to see the presence of plaque and tartar progressively increase on the edge of your teeth, which can cause more and more damage and, in some cases, quite severe pain. By using a toothbrush, on the other hand, you’ll be sure to act in-depth, even when you can’t see or feel any residue.

2. The water cleaner reduces the risk of developing cavities and gums diseases.

Precisely because of the abilities described in the previous paragraphs, the water cleaner is able to significantly reduce the risk of infection, inflammation, and tooth decay. Food and plaque, in fact, give rise to often irreversible degenerative processes, which attack gums and teeth and can cause quite intense pain.

If you care about the health of your mouth and want to reduce the risk of infections and cavities, the solution is to improve the quality of your oral hygiene, making it more accurate and thorough. After all, oral health is all about prevention, and Dental Care for Regular Teeth is undoubtedly one of the best forms of prevention available today.

3. The water pulse is both strong and gentle

The water cleaner is a device designed to act decisively but also delicately: the power of the water jet, in fact, is adjustable, as well as designed precisely to push away the residues on which the toothbrush and toothpaste have had little or no effect. If used properly and in accordance with your dentist’s advice, this accessory will not be aggressive or painful at all. Unlike flossing and brushing, it will not cause gum bleeding and it will push away residue that you may not have noticed.

4. It’s practical and convenient

The use of the water pump is extremely convenient, as well as quick. Simply fill it with water and, if necessary, a few drops of mouthwash and point the nozzle at the gum line and the most hidden areas of the mouth (it is worth taking special care of wisdom teeth, behind which food residues can hide). It only takes a few seconds to be sure that you have performed safe and complete hygiene. Its use is very simple, non-invasive, and totally painless; after the first use, you will feel the pleasure of a fresh and clean mouth.

5. Massages the gums stimulating blood circulation

Massaging your gums is a very effective solution that offers many benefits about Dental Care for Regular Teeth. Gum massages are recommended from an early age: in infants, gum massage relieves the pain and discomfort caused by the appearance of the first milk teeth. However, this type of massage, which can also be performed with a pressure washer, is not only beneficial for infants, but also for adults with perfectly healthy teeth and those who suffer or have suffered from disorders such as periodontitis.

The objective of each should not only be to remove bacterial plaque, but also to recreate the condition of perfect adherence and balance between bone, gum, and tooth that can be observed in healthy patients. Therefore, among the many brushing and cleaning techniques, it is absolutely worth using the so-called interpupillary compression“, a basic hygienic therapy that can be easily performed by anyone at home. All you need is an ideal water pump to massage the gum line.

In the evening, before going to bed, it is sufficient to wash for 2 to 3 minutes with a high-pressure cleaner which, besides removing plaque, reduces the gingival pocket and the number of germs and bacteria present there.

This procedure also offers another important advantage, as it is able to keratinize, i.e. make more resistant, the papillary area, which is the main entry point for bacteria in the dental periodontium.

In addition, due to the increased blood circulation and a clear decrease in the number of bacteria, the gum returns to its typical color, the bad odor tends to disappear, bleeding ceases and tooth mobility decreases. Clearly, the perception of these changes increases the patient’s self-esteem in continuing a therapy that requires little sacrifice.

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