8 Reasons Why You Should Use an Electric Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush: 8 Reasons Why You Should Try It 2021


A manual toothbrush die-hard? Not anymore, after you read the 8 reasons why you should switch to an electric toothbrush!


Versatile, super-equipped, and increasingly feature-rich, electric toothbrushes are our smile’s best friend! This is confirmed by numerous studies carried out over the last few years. They show that electric toothbrushes are more effective at removing plaque and reducing gum disease than manual toothbrushes.


Don’t believe us? Then find out now what are the 8 reasons why you should switch to an electric toothbrush! By the end of the reading, you won’t want to give up the deep oral hygiene offered by this small but exceptional tool that’s getting closer and closer to perfection. (Already convinced? Then head on over to our 12 best electric toothbrush buying guide).


1. An electric toothbrush removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush


8 Reasons Why You Should Use an Electric Toothbrush 2021
8 Reasons Why You Should Use an Electric Toothbrush 2021


Extensive research to date shows that an electric toothbrush can reach the most hidden places on our teeth, allowing us to clean more thoroughly.


In addition, electric toothbrush bristles use 3D, sonic or ultrasonic technology to remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush.


This is possible because the oscillating, rotating, pulsating (3D) toothbrush has a movement of about 40,000 pulses per minute, while the sonic toothbrush can reach about 24,000 to 60,000 vibrations per minute. If that’s not enough for you, there’s the ultrasonic toothbrush; with a very high vibration frequency, it can produce about 190 million movements per minute. Now, do you understand why electric toothbrushes allow you to perform superior teeth cleaning?


2. The electric toothbrush is also indicated to fight gingivitis


Gingivitis is a problem that can afflict our gums and, if neglected, can lead to more serious diseases such as periodontitis, putting the stability of our teeth at risk. To combat gingivitis, many dentists advise their patients to switch to an electric toothbrush, so they can improve their daily oral hygiene routine and safeguard the health of their gums.


In particular, sonic or ultrasonic toothbrushes – because they do not perform a mechanical action – are also particularly suitable for delicate gums prone to irritation and inflammation.



3. Electric toothbrush helps improve the way we brush our teeth


8 Reasons Why You Should Use an Electric Toothbrush
8 Reasons Why You Should Use an Electric Toothbrush


That’s right! Today’s electric toothbrush offers us the ability to perform flawless teeth cleaning, thanks to essential features like a timer, pressure sensor, and apps that connect your toothbrush and smartphone via Bluetooth. The built-in timer automatically turns off the toothbrush after 2 minutes of brushing (the time indicated by dentists to perform an optimal tooth cleaning).

Some models also include a small vibration every 30 seconds to remind the user to change the quadrant of the dental arches. The pressure sensor, on the other hand, allows us to protect the gums from too aggressive brushing. And then there are the handy smartphone apps that, in real-time, monitor the way we clean our teeth, detecting any errors and allowing us to correct them.


4. Electric toothbrush offers several programs for dental  health and beauty


Today’s electric toothbrushes offer several built-in programs that not only ensure the health of our teeth but also improve their appearance. We are talking about the polishing and whitening functions.

Using specific brush heads, electric toothbrushes can polish and whiten the surface of teeth and remove stains caused by smoke, food, and drinks that are particularly pigmented, making our smiles whiter and brighter. There are also tongue cleaner functions – to clean the surface of the tongue – and GamCare – to massage the gums.

5. The electric toothbrush is recommended by dentists


More and more dentists are recommending that their patients switch to an electric toothbrush. This is because the movement offered by the electric toothbrush allows us to clean our teeth properly, allowing us to remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush.


6. Electric toothbrush cleans teeth deeper and faster


A life of breathlessness? Not a problem anymore! Thanks to an electric toothbrush, rushing will no longer be the enemy of your oral hygiene. In just 2 minutes, the small nylon-bristled head of the electric toothbrush removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush, reaching even the toughest places, like back molars and inner teeth.


7. Helps fight bad breath


Bad breath – in addition to digestive upset and spicy foods – is often caused by poor oral hygiene. By using an electric toothbrush regularly – and in the right way – you can beat bad breath and finally say goodbye to mints and deodorant sprays. For kiss-proof breath, don’t forget to clean your interdental spaces daily, too (test the power of dental cleaners).


8. Reduces visits to the dentist



8. Reduces visits to the dentist (1)
8. Reduces visits to the dentist 


Tooth decay, tartar, gum bleeding, and inflammation are conditions that are mainly caused by improper oral hygiene. Thanks to the effectiveness of the electric toothbrush, your teeth will be stronger and healthier. This will allow you to avoid complications and thus reduce your visits to the dentist.



You probably didn’t imagine them to be so comprehensive and efficient! But that’s exactly what the latest generation of electric toothbrushes are, as they’re designed to fill in the gaps in oral hygiene that come with brushing with a manual toothbrush (such as brushing that’s too shallow or – conversely – too vigorous and therefore harmful to gums).


By transforming the way we brush our teeth – thanks in part to increasingly modern and sophisticated technology – electric toothbrushes allow us to remove bacterial plaque in just a few minutes, making our oral hygiene more effective in the shortest possible time.

By deeply cleaning teeth and gums, electric toothbrushes will not only allow us to show off a brighter and healthier smile but also to avoid all those ailments related to poor oral hygiene and thus save on expensive dental care.


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