The 7 Best Teeth Whitening Kits 2021: To Whiten Teeth Quickly And Safely.

The 7 Best Teeth Whitening Kit Products For Sensitive Teeth 2021


Explore our selection of the best whitening kits for a healthy, bright smile.

Having pristine white teeth is everyone’s wish, but it’s not always (in fact, almost never) possible to show off a bright, unblemished smile by relying only on regular daily cleaning. Circumstances such as smoking, age, abuse of particularly coloring substances cause the teeth to be covered with a more or less visible halo, which, however, makes the whole thing unaesthetic and is also able to affect the perception of one’s image.

It is no coincidence that one of the most frequent aesthetic treatments is teeth whitening, which is used to achieve a long-lasting and well-cared-for overall appearance.

This practice is usually carried out in a dental office and involves the use of specific equipment, but it is also possible to rely on special sets with which you can make a DIY whitening.

In detail, these products are able to restore the teeth to their original brightness through treatments that, depending on their degree of invasiveness, act both on surface stains and deeper stains, the latter can be caused for example by extended use of certain medications.


Therefore, if you too are interested in purchasing a teeth whitening set, take a look at this article to learn all the details of this treatment and to choose the product that could prove to be the most effective for your needs,
Then flaunt your most beautiful smile without necessarily going to the dentist, but using only the kit with the best value for money!


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Curious to know which kit to buy? Here is our selection of the best sets for teeth whitening

Here is an overview of the products that have proven to be best for teeth whitening.
Don’t have time to read our entire buying guide? No problem, take a look at the list below with the most effective and best performing kits based on different selection criteria.


The 7 best DIY teeth whitening kits for different needs

When it comes to teeth whitening, we usually tend to think only of the aesthetic aspect of this treatment. However, before purchasing a whitening kit, it is important to check if there are any problems that may affect your teeth and gums, such as tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, or infection. In these cases, you should refrain from using certain products and visit your dentist for the primary resolution of these conditions.

Back to us: if going to the dentist for whitening proves to be expensive or inconvenient depending on your schedule, you can rely on DIY whitening kits, but it is good to know that not all products are equal and that there are some that are characterized by the particular convenience of use, but without going to the expense of effectiveness.

That’s why we didn’t limit ourselves to electing only what we thought was the best set ever, but we wanted to consider additional products that in one way or another are able to meet the different needs in terms of health, functionality, and results.

To continue reading our buying guide and discover all the details of the selected products!


DiamondSmile Teeth Bleaching kit Review

A comprehensive, dentist-tested teeth whitening kit that consists of quality tools and ingredients specifically designed to ensure a bright, white smile.


diamond smile teeth home-bleaching-kit 2021 png


The DiamondSmile® bleaching set is a professional all-in-one tooth whitening for at home. Simple, safe, and effective. It works directly on the tooth without causing pain. Without a doubt, the DiamondSmile® teeth whitening set is one of the best whitening products money can buy.

  • Tested and recommended by dentists
  • 99.1% Positive Reviews
  • Peroxide-free formula
  • Refund warranty
  • Free shipping within Germany

The DiamondSmile set turns out to be a high-end product specifically designed to deliver similarly professional results. Developed in collaboration with dentists, the kit features a peroxide-free formula that is essentially composed of glycerin, propylene glycol, and sodium chlorite; ingredients that are effective in releasing oxygen and removing even the most persistent stains.

It ranks among the premium products as it allows for more relevant results than competitors on the market, in terms of effectiveness and speed.

diamond smile teeth home bleaching kit


Because it is a premium product:


Why we chose it:

  • Tested and recommended by dentists
  • 99.1% Positive Reviews
  • Peroxide-free formula
  • Refund warranty
  • Long-lasting whitening effect (1-2 years)
  • Tested and certified kit
  • Recommended by industry experts

  • Whitening gel
  • Bite
  • Led lamp
  • Tooth color guide
  • Battery
  • Instructions for use



Whitify kit


Kit rated as the best ever due to its effectiveness and particular speed in getting the desired results.

The kit includes:

  • 3 Syringes with the whitening gel,
  • 1 elastic mouthpiece with an LED lamp for faster results,
  • 1 tooth whitening progress tracker,
  • 1 manual.

Whitify is a safe way to effectively whiten your teeth. An elastic mouthpiece with included LED lamp that activates the gel’s ingredients and significantly boosts the teeth whitening process. The first results are visible after just a few days.


Whitify - teeth whitening kit 2021


It is a complete set for teeth whitening that consists of an LED lamp and gel that can significantly eliminate light and medium stains on the teeth, already after the first use.
The gel in particular is composed of sodium bicarbonate and natural extracts, which perform a combined action aimed at whitening and leaving the mouth fresh and healthy.

In the vast majority of cases, the product does not create any dental sensitivity and is quite safe for the health of the teeth, since the gel does not have fluoride or hydrogen peroxide in it.

Another aspect that has made this kit stand out as the best ever is represented by the particular speed of the whitening treatment: in fact, 15 minutes a day for 6 days is enough to finally have a dazzling smile and to show off with confidence.

Whitify - teeth whitening kit 2021

Because it’s the absolute best:

Why we chose it:

  • Great and fast results
  • Refillable and safe gel for healthy teeth
  • Excellent whitening power
  • What the package includes:

  • Led Lamp
  • Whitening gel
  • Flexible template
  • Package insert
  • Instructions for use


MySmile kit 

Kit for teeth whitening that presents the best value for money; natural ingredients to regain the original brightness of the teeth.

MySmile kit teeth 2021

In this case, it is a whitening kit that stands out from the others for having a rather competitive price and convenience, taking into account the tools that make it up and the quality of the ingredients that make up the whitening gel.

In fact, in detail, you can regain the natural shine of your teeth thanks to the combined action carried out by ingredients such as aloe vera, grapefruit extract, menthol, chamomile extract, and bromelain.
Just use the kit twice a day for about ten minutes to get good results, without spending a lot of money on whitening kinds of toothpaste (often ineffective) and sessions at the dentist.

MySmile kit teeth 2021

Why we chose it:

  • Use of natural ingredients
  • Competitive price
  • Good whitening capacity
  • What the package includes:

  • Whitening gel
  • Bite
  • Led Light


SoleilGLO set

Hydrogen peroxide-free tooth whitening set; allows you to have whiter teeth again up to 7 shades in just 15 days.


  • Get Whiter Teeth in Only 14 Days
  • Professional Results at Home
  • No Costly Dental Visits!


SoleilGLO set




This is a kit produced by a Singaporean company that has studied the most advanced technologies to obtain a gel that can thoroughly clean the yellowed enamel of the teeth, without ruining them.

In fact, the use of cellulose gum and glycerin allows to obtain the same results as possible at the dentist, but without using corrosive and harmful substances such as hydrogen peroxide.

The kit was developed to restore shine and cleanliness to the teeth through a treatment of about 15 days, after which you can again have a smile free of stains due to coffee, smoking, or other, up to 7 levels of lightening.

SoleilGLO Set 2021



Why we selected it:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Triple action
  • Complete treatment
  • What’s in the box:

  • Bite
  • 3 syringes with the serum
  • Led light lamp


LDREAMAM Teeth Whitening Kit 


Teeth Whitening Kit, Home Teeth Whitening Kit, Tooth Whitening Solution, Dental Care Home Bleaching Kit for White Teeth, Effects for Brightening and Stain Removing

Kit equipped with a powerful light with which to perform a whitening treatment effectively and not harmful to teeth. Characterized by excellent materials, overall is appreciated for the remarkable ease of use.


Top Customer Reviews: Teeth Whitening …

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings


ldreamam reviews 2021


This is a whitening kit characterized by a powerful LED lamp, which is three times more effective than the lamps of other kits. This allows the gel to penetrate better under the stains and remove them permanently.
The treatment is particularly easy to follow; in fact, it is enough to apply the gel on the bite and keep it in the mouth for 16 minutes.

Overall, the product is specially certified and is characterized by the extreme softness of the materials as well as a complete absence of pain or discomfort.

Why we appreciate it:

  • Instant and easy to use, the LED connects to your phone or laptop
  • Powerful and effective in cleaning
  • Simple to perform treatment
  • What’s in the box:

  • Bite with Led light
  • Whitening gel
  • USB charging cable
  • Color scale


Lovely Smile White-Strips


Whitening strips for quick treatments and small touch-ups. Practical and convenient kit to use between sessions at the dentist.

Lovely Smile – 28 Teeth Whitening Strips – Sensitivity Free – Express – Whiter Teeth in 1 Hour – Enamel Safe White Strips by Ray of Smile


Teeth Whitening Strips Lovely Smile Premium Line

✓   Whiter teeth in 1 hour

✓   Up to 10 shades brighter teeth

✓   Results last up to 12 Months

✓   No sensitivity

✓   NON-Slip Technology

✓   Fresh Mint Flavor

✓   Easy to use


Lovely Smile White-Strips 2021


It is a kit that consists of 28 whitening strips, to be used comfortably at home for total teeth whitening or to make small adjustments.

It is characterized by extreme versatility, which makes it the product suitable for those who do not have much time available or for those who are not very practical with the use of other more professional tools.

The treatment has a duration of 14 days, during which it is necessary to wear the strips for 60 minutes once a day. The product is discreet and convenient, so you can wear it even while you are busy with household chores. The result is a snow-white and visibly healthy smile.

Why we selected it:

  • Extreme convenience
  • Good whitening results
  • Effective on light and medium stains
  • What the package contains:

  • 28 whitening strips (14 for the lower arch and 14 for the upper arch)
  • Tooth shade guide
  • Instructions for use


HiSmile Kit Review

Fast teeth whitening kit; whitening results after just one session for healthier, brighter teeth.

A solution for every smile
Experts Solution
Introducing the PAP+ range. Everyday whitening products made easy, effective, and faster than ever before. Three products, one advanced formula.

Instant teeth whitening results after just 1 treatment. A powerful peroxide-free formula that’s fast, effective, and sensitivity-free.

  • Clinically proven for instant results1
  • 10-minute whitening treatment
  • No tooth sensitivity, no gum irritation
  • Includes 6 individual treatments



HiSmile Kit Review 2021


It is a kit that consists of a lamp with 5 LED activators and a highly effective whitening gel, able to ensure the first results from the first application. It is therefore counted as the best product in terms of speed of the whitening treatment and therefore indicated for those who need to have white teeth in a short time or for a particular occasion.

This whitening set is characterized by advanced technology and much better than its competitors, which allows you to have an effective product but also does not cause any pain or tooth sensitivity.

Why we chose it

  • Speed of treatment
  • More effective LEDs
  • Good overall quality
  • What the package contains:

  • Bite
  • Led lamp
  • 3 syringes of gel
  • Scale to measure the gradations of white
  • 5


How exactly do teeth whitening kits work?


best teeth whitening kits for sensitive teeth 2021


Although there are several alternatives on the market to make your teeth white without necessarily having to go to the dentist, the kits equipped with LED light and a special whitening gel appear to be the most sold as well as the most effective.
As you can see from the list of products selected and proved to be the best according to different selection criteria of both aesthetic and functional type, each kit is characterized by a more or less rich package of accessories. However, regardless of this aspect, their operation is in fact very similar and particularly simple.

The Gel

In detail, home whitening involves the use of a gel composed of substances capable of acting on tooth enamel and eliminate stains or halos that make them more yellowish. Generally, the main ingredient of the whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide, which is the basic element of hydrogen peroxide and is also used by dentists for professional bleaching.

However, there are also gels available that do not contain hydrogen peroxide and that are characterized by a composition based on sodium bicarbonate, lemon extracts, and other natural raw materials, which makes them better from the point of view of dental health. In fact, hydrogen peroxide is often considered an ingredient that should absolutely not be used on teeth, since it carries out a particularly aggressive corrosive action, leading in the long term to problems of sensitivity, but we will analyze this aspect better in the following paragraphs.


Led light

Returning to the operation of these sets for teeth whitening, in addition to the gel is a lamp with LED light usually placed on a splint and to be inserted into the mouth. The light plays a key role in this operation, as it allows the activation of the molecules that make up the gel, making it more effective.
With LED light, the whitening solution penetrates better under the stains and removes them much more quickly.
In the past, UV lights were used, but over time they proved to be unsuitable and ineffective. Today, with new technologies, it is possible to use LED lights of varying power, but in any case safer for the patient’s health.

To obtain the desired results in terms of brightness and teeth whitening, it is necessary to follow a treatment that turns out to be minimally invasive and easy to perform. Usually, it involves applying the gel and keeping it on the teeth for a variable time for once or twice a day (depending on the type of product). The treatment lasts about 2 to 3 weeks and can offer results that last up to a year.
In addition, to verify the effectiveness of the treatment, a convenient color scale is provided with which to compare the shade assumed by your teeth as you proceed with the whitening.

All in all, the whitening kits are attracting more and more interest from the public because they allow you to have white and clean teeth, so desired, with ease and at a cost much lower than the sessions at the dentist.
In any case, the price is not only the only parameter to take into account when buying, but it is necessary to give importance to the quality of materials and substances used to avoid more or less permanent damage to teeth and gums.

How to choose the Best Teeth Whitening Kits 2021

best teeth whitening kits for sensitive teeth


Due to the increasing demand for do-it-yourself teeth whitening products, pharmaceutical companies have developed and marketed several home whitening kits, intended as a viable alternative to dentist sessions.
Among the different brands and manufacturers, it is not always easy to choose the product that really works and is best for your personal needs. As a matter of fact, a high price is not always synonymous with quality, just as an excessively low price could be related to a product that is detrimental to dental health.

For this reason, although budget is one of the parameters that you undoubtedly need to consider, it is not the only one on to base your purchase on. In fact, in order to be sure about the reliability of the product, it is good to investigate some information that, together, can help you in your choice. Here then is a list of elements that you need to evaluate before proceeding with the purchase of a teeth whitening kit.

1. Manufacturer

The manufacturer has a great impact on the quality of a whitening kit, as many of the products on the market are made in China or come from companies that are not very well known. Therefore, it is necessary to find out about the various brands and, above all, about their reliability in the field to which they refer, in order to have certified products and customer service easily available in case of doubts or problems.

2. Ingredients

Even if you are not a chemist or are not familiar with the names of substances, once you have identified the kit that most interests you, it is good to dwell on the list of ingredients that make up the whitening gel. This operation can make a real difference in the choice of the product because in many cases chemical substances are used that are dangerous for the teeth and for health in general (especially in the case of unfamiliar brands and excessively low prices).
For completeness, avoid kits that include high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and lemon.

3.Customer Reviews

Especially for online purchases, it is of particular importance to dwell on the reviews provided by those who have had a chance to buy the product. Don’t just read the positive notes, but head especially for the negative reviews, where they exist. In this way, you have the opportunity to take stock of the overall quality of the kit and evaluate for yourself the pros and cons that distinguish it.
Today, many purchases are made on Amazon, but don’t limit yourself to the reviews you find on this platform; do a wider search and you’ll be able to find forums and discussion groups on which you can also compare yourself.

4. Price

As mentioned, the price does not always correspond to the quality of a product, but it is undoubtedly a parameter to consider when talking about the convenience of a home whitening compared to a professional one.
In order to get an idea, it may be helpful to have a look at online price comparators which, taking into consideration different kits, provide a general overview of the greater or lesser economic competitiveness, taking into account the characteristics and quality of each one.

5. Personal needs

Last but not least, dwell on your personal needs. Do you have sensitive teeth? Do you have little time to devote to treatment each day? Would you like a kit just to reinvigorate the shine of your teeth between dental appointments or a product for longer-lasting whitening? Here, are some of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself in order to select the products that are best for you.


 Any Risk using tooth whitening kits?


best teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth 2021


By themselves, the tools that make up the kits are not dangerous to health; we have seen in the previous paragraphs how the LED light of the lamps is more effective and safer than UV lights.
What we need to focus on in terms of health risks is instead the whitening gel.

Kits with particularly aggressive gels can in fact cause in the medium to long term problems of tooth sensitivity and pain. Substances such as hydrogen peroxide, if used in high concentrations, corrode a lot of the tooth enamel and can irritate the gums if they come into contact with them.
These inconveniences can also occur during a whitening at the dentist’s office, of course, but in this case, special mucous membranes are used to protect the soft tissues and there is undoubtedly the continuous assistance of a professional.

At home, however, especially if the treatments are not performed properly, it is possible to run into very aggressive products for the mouth in general and that creates more or less important annoyances. In fact, there are specific regulations that indicate the maximum concentration of peroxide and other substances in whitening gels.

Although natural gels should be preferred and those with chemical substances in them should be discarded, the same abrasive effect is also determined by sodium bicarbonate and lemon extract, which are real enemies for sensitive teeth.


What are the alternatives to tooth whitening kits?

best teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth


Not only kits, but dental health also passes through the use of other products that are able to make teeth shinier. Whether for health or aesthetic issues, the frenzy to have a bright, snow-white smile has led to the marketing of several products.
In fact, although whitening sets give the most effective results, you can also take advantage of other methods to perform DIY whitening. Here are a few of them:

1. Whitening pens

More compact than complete kits, whitening pens already have the recommended amount of gel inside to apply directly to the teeth. They are extremely easy to use and carry around, require no refills, and can be used to remove individual stains in a targeted manner. However, they have limited effectiveness and do not always give the desired results.

2. Whitening strips

These are adhesive strips that are applied directly to the teeth and need to be held on for about thirty minutes a day. In addition to adhering to the dental arches, these are composed of abrasive chemicals that are able to achieve medium-low teeth whitening in the treatment of about 2 weeks.
They have the advantage of being very comfortable to use and do not cause much damage to tooth enamel.

3. Whitening toothpaste

The use of toothpaste is essential to maintain proper dental hygiene, but on the market, there are products that, in addition to cleaning, also provide a certain whitening effect. This is done by adding micro granules and specific ingredients to the normal paste.
Whitening toothpaste allows for a sort of superficial whitening of the teeth, not a true and proper whitening, and, in the long run, can have a corrosive effect on enamel.

4. Activated carbon

Available both as an ingredient in toothpaste and as a paste or powder, activated charcoal has made the headlines as a good and natural method of DIY teeth whitening.
Indeed, in its powdered form, activated charcoal has a sort of abrasive effect when rubbed on the teeth and removes surface yellowing and bad breath. On the other hand, it is not effective against deeper stains or stains caused by the use of certain medications and requires care during use as it may excessively corrode the enamel.

5. Home remedies

Among the most popular natural remedies for whitening teeth at home are baking soda and lemon. Both must first be diluted in water and then dip the toothbrush and rub it on the teeth. Surely these are natural products that give freshness to the breath and make teeth smoother and shinier, but it is not recommended to use them in the long term as they can easily cause sensitivity problems.


The most frequently asked questions about teeth whitening kits

Let us now try to answer the most common doubts and questions about teeth whitening kits.


Where to buy teeth whitening kits?
Many whitening kits are available on Amazon at even discounted prices. Alternatively, you can also proceed with the purchase directly on the official websites of the manufacturers.


Can you get teeth as white as celebrities with whitening kits?
A bright and white smile like the one sported by celebrities is obtained through professional aesthetic treatments. Therefore, even if you rely on good whitening kits, you can definitely have whiter and cleaner teeth, but it is not the same result that you would have at the dentist.
What is the whitening capacity of the kits?
Depending on the quality of the product and treatment, the kits are able to restore the natural color of the teeth and remove surface stains due to smoking and diet. If you want to lighten your color by several degrees, you need professional whitening.
Are there any contraindications for the use of the kits?
The use of tooth whitening kits is to be avoided if you already suffer from tooth sensitivity, as the gel may aggravate this problem. In addition, it is not recommended to use these products during pregnancy and in case of intolerance to any ingredient.


How long does the whitening effect last?
It depends on the quality of the whitening gel; there are treatments that guarantee whitening results for a few months and others that can reach up to a year of cleaning.


Teeth whitening kits Conclusion:


Teeth whitening kits occupy a prominent place among beauty and personal care products. These in fact have undoubted advantages in terms of cost, convenience, and versatility, but it is also important to turn to sets that present the right value for money and that are above all non-invasive to the health of the teeth.

From our ranking, you can evaluate the kits that have proven to be the best both in absolute terms and as a response to precise needs. However, this is a purchase that is not always easy to make, since there is not only the risk of spending unnecessarily large sums of money but also the risk of compromising your dental health.

In any case, by following the advice we have provided in this guide you will be able to more easily choose the right kit for you. In any case, these are products that are worth a try, since they offer good results for those who do not have the time and desire to visit the dentist periodically. With these, everyone can feel more confident in interpersonal and business relationships by sporting a bright and reliable smile.

Therefore, our conclusion regarding teeth whitening kits is more than positive and we recommend you to take a further look at our selection to start your treatment right away!



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